Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting real

We're now T minus 17 days until Miles & I get on a plane for Paris.

Miles bought a French children's dictionary, to work on his vocab. We had a hoot, lying in bed with a glass of wine, me pronouncing such gems as "Le chameau a chaud."* Yesterday, we received our train tickets for Stuttgart in mail. still does not seems like it's really going to happen. I wonder when it will become real?

*The camel is hot.

1 comment:

  1. i think that's an existential question. when does anything become real?

    does being a parent become real at birth of a child? or when said child is hurt for the first time? does marriage become real at the wedding? or at the loss of a spouse?

    when will your honeymoon in paris become real? on the plane? when you're packing? when you see the Eifel? or when aeron asks you at her bridal shower "hey, mom, how was your honeymoon, anyway?"

    ; )

    thinking of you as you continue prepare ... we will miss you!