Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Musings, one month out.

So, it's one month until Miles & I leave on our long-awaited trip. Still doesn't seem real.

I tend to get into mental ruts, where I go over the same stuff, over and over, ad nauseum. Drive myself nuts. In an effort to get this stuff outta my head, and to elicit some well-meaning advice, I will vent herein.


"Will I be able to sleep on the plane? Will I arrive in the City of Lights so tired all I can do is stagger to our romantic wrought iron bed and fall in?"

"Do we need a 2 day, 3 day, or 6 day museum pass?"

"What if I'm tired all the time in Paris? I mean, I'm tired all the time at home. Hell, I can just hear myself now, 'No thanks, sweetie, I don't wanna go have lunch in a romantic, street side cafe, I need a nap.' I better start taking my vitamins."

(then comes the panic attack)

"Oh, we are so not prepared! So much to do. So much to figure out! How are we gonna get the garden watered? Where are our passports?! Aaaaaah!"

Hmm. I feel better now.

1 comment:

  1. let's see. because i am definitely not going on a Parisian adventure anytime soon, i can answer your questions without hesitation.

    yes, you will be tired. but you will be tired in Paris, so who cares?

    if you need a nap, again, who cares? you will be napping in Paris. and in that gorgeous bed, i might add.

    get a 3 day museum pass. and if you have to pay for another separate museum one time, don't sweat it.

    take extra vidacin with you for any and all panic attacks. and even when you don't have one just because they are fun.

    the garden will get watered by your neighbors, or the Dodges. whomever you prefer.

    passports. you can always expedite new ones for $100 extra if you need to.

    There. No more worries. And i feel better now too. useful.