Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Preparation Phase

First order of business, start the blog. Miles just helped me out, and now I actually need to write something.

Perhaps I should start with a mission statement?

The purpose of this blog is to keep interested folks in the loop during our long-awaited honeymoon to Paris. Post a few pictures, wax lyrical about the glories of French art and cuisine; that kind of stuff. Plus, my memory being utter s**t these days, I can write my impressions down for recall at a later date.

So, it's now T-minus one month and 8 days. We fly out of San Luis International Airport on May 9th. So far, I've done a lot of "window shopping" online. I've asked my buddy Stimpy to make me a dress or two. I've combed through the multitude of guide books we've been given over the years to create a "Must See" list. We've booked a romantic apartment for our 10-day stay.

Miles & I have set some rules for ourselves. First, we aren't going to try to see everything. In fact, we plan to avoid many of the big tourist sites. We've agreed to give the Tour Eiffel a miss. No plans to shop on the Champs Elysees. Our goal is to experience Paris as a native would.

Wish us luck!


  1. i am SOOO excited for you two! what romance! what fun! you have to do a few touristy things for sure. eat a crepe or two and have some fondue somewhere. and go to Chartres cathedral and see one of the original labyrinths ... such a good cross-religious thing to do ... and it's just cool outside the city ... can't wait to see the photos! we will miss you, mes amis!

  2. PLEASE eat a crepe or two (or three or four) on the street for me and Pam. :)

  3. I haven't been to France since I was a baby. While I'm not sure if I'm allowed back in, I do have a few thoughts of insanity. Here are somethings you may NOT want to repeat when you are in France:

    1) Did you know that French's Mustard is American?

    2) I thought those are called "Freedom Fries".

    3) Our Eifel Tower in Las Vegas is newer.

    4) Alsace Lorraine eh? How do you feel about land for peace? Sehr Gut!

    5) I hope Crepe isn't French for what it sounds like.

    6) Did you bathe today?

    I bet it will be so cool to have wine with your Le Big Mac. Have a great time!

    P.S. Cuban goods such as cigars and rum (Habana Club 7 years old) are legally purchased there.