Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T minus 10 days

It's amusing how everyone I run into asks me about the Trip. When I go to the pharmacy, the lovely Polish pharmacist just looks at me and I announce how many days left. At Trader Joe's yesterday, two women stocking the produce section asked if I was ready. (too much time in TJ's? Ya think?) I showed off my new "shoes for the Louvre", a comfy pair of Sketchers, along with my groovy messenger bag. When I said I didn't want to look like an Ugly American, one of the women actually thanked me.

I have started telling Claire and Aeron about their stay at Gra-Maw's. They couldn't be more thrilled. For my girls, having a sleepover at Gra-Maw's is like telling a foodie he gets to stay over at Alice Water's house. "There will be waffles!" The last time we left them with the in-laws, they didn't want to come home. Aeron wailed for Gra-Maw all the way up the Grade.

We have done quite lot of prep, but there plenty more to do. Miles needs to set up a watering system, so we don't come home to dead tomato plants. We'll need to send Spike over to Susan's, so we don't come home to a dead bearded dragon. I'll need to start buttering up the neighbors with banana bread, so Jan will water my indoor jungle. Then there is the packing up of the twins. How can two little people need so much stuff?! Heaven forbid Mama should forget to pack an essential stuffed animal. Or a crucial pair of footie pajamas.

On a less humorous note, the ever-widening swine flu has got me watching the news very closely. So far, there are no reported cases in France, but there are 28 probable cases (14 confirmed) in California. Schools are closing, and hundreds of people have called our pediatric office freaking out. I have to confess to a bit of worry about our reception. "Oh! You are from California?! Please step into that line." Next thing you know, they'll be swabbing our tonsils in HAZMAT gear.

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  1. you all are going to have a wonderful time. the twins at gra-maw's and miles and you in PARIS. i think it's so awesome that we live in a place that your neighbors & storefolk all know about your trip.

    and remember there were 256 swine flu cases in the US in 1952 - and no one said a thing!

    and i couldn't agree more about little ones needing so much! every week that we load the mini-van for a trip to school ... amazes me. johan and i need less and less, and lucie seems to need more and more and more....