Friday, May 29, 2009

My fans have (not) spoken

Well, other than Melinda, no one seems to be interested in Miles & Jen's Fabulous Suburban Life.

Can it be so? Are we all so busy we can't find time to read (or even care) about another mommy blog?

Ah, well. My doctor says I need to reduce the stress in my life, anyway. One less thing on my to-do list. Also, I'm thinking of selling the kids. Anyone need some slave labor? We're having a special; buy one get one free!


  1. Hilarious!!!! Ahhh ya' poor critter! Remember, I JUST found out about your 'BLOG' (I never had understood what these things are and why the are called 'Blogs')

    As to selling those lil' angels for slave labor...I don't think you should as from the sounds of your 'Blog' they actually MISSED you and I know you sortta' missed them too...besides I already have five slaves and four little sub-slaves of my own!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! :-)
    P.S. Just kidding, slaves work for free my BROOD is puttin' ME in the Poor House!!!!

  2. firstly:
    as a resident child being offered for said slave labor: HEY!

    you should continue your web log, you a)can write and b)need an outlet.

    there! comments! be merry!

  3. Of course you should continue your blog. You asked me why I didn't write comments. I was just enjoying your vacation through your blog. I didn't think witty banter was needed. How else are we going to keep up with the Clark's adventures? I guess we could be sooo 20th century and use the phone. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!