Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starting to pack!

With 5 days until departure, I am beginning the most stressful part of the Trip.


For me, packing for a major trip is almost inevitably fraught with peril and angst. The first consideration: what are my most flattering outfits? Are they suitable for the events and season? ("Ack! I have nothing to wear!") Followed closely by: do the the clothes I want to take still fit/need cleaning/where the heck are they?!? ("I need to lose 20 pounds! Like, yesterday!")

Then comes the shoe dilemma. Which shoes go with which outfit? How many pairs should I take/will fit in my suitcase? And if there are plans for lots of sightseeing, then the shoe problem gets worse. Then you need shoes that not only coordinate with your wardrobe, but you must be able to walk long distances in them. ("Thank goodness for Sketchers, is all I'm saying....")

Then, there is the accessory component. What belts/scarves/jackets do I need to go with what clothes? Will this put me over my weight limit? Next, makeup and styling needs. Should I take my hair dryer, curling iron, straitening iron, ("Good lord, look at my hair!") clothes steamer? What makeup should I take?("Holy Mother of Poodles! I need to be more diligent with the wrinkle cream!" Which pieces of jewelry? Do I take the good stuff? ("What if I get mugged?!?")

Brother. Do I sound neurotic, or what?!

Oy vey, everybody!

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  1. i SO agree. packing is the worst part! (except for unpacking.)

    BUT YOU ARE GOING TO PARIS! ah, gay paris!

    you won't get mugged. remember you can always purchase a lovely accessory or two, and then FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, you can say "oh, this silly thing ... i got it in Paris ... as nonchalantly as you can muster.

    i also wanted you to know that your mother's rose went with us all the way to school and back and has been sitting with me at my deskside as i slog through my finals ... thank you, it's a little slice of heaven!