Monday, May 11, 2009

Starting to relax

Today felt weird. I felt thick and fuzzy. Jet lag, no doubt. We managed to get out the door before 4pm. Pretty good considering we slept in 'till 1:30pm.

Our adventure du jour was an historic walk of Rick Steve's. We started at Notre Dame and were immediately panhandled by a purported Bosnian refuge. She was a hard sell, too. Miles handed her a euro to get rid of her.

Next we saw the memorial to French deportees of World War II. Red paint on the cuniform-like writing drove home the fate of most of the deportees.

Next, we wandered about the Left Bank. Most of the booksellers were closed. We stopped for a bite at a cafe. Interestingly, the TV's in this place were playing MTV. I saw videos by Bob Marley, Tori Amos and U2. The French seem obsessed by American music. (Our cabby from the airport was playing Elvis)

We had dinner not far from our apartment. Miles had confit du carnard and I had pasta carbonara. Accoss from us was a table of 3 Americans, one of whom obvious lived in Paris. She had her chocolate lab with her. The poor thing was so tired, it stumbled getting under the table.

That's all I have to report on day 2 of the Trip. Stay tuned; tomorrow, we tour Notre Dame!

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