Sunday, May 10, 2009

We have arrived!

Miles and I have arrived in the City of Light.

Flights were smooth. No problems with bags or customs.

After a righteous, 3-hours nap, we went walkabout in the City. A few observations, in no particular order:

We are just a few blocks from Notre Dame.

Why are so many preschoolers sucking on binkies?!

Mother Clark was right; a scarf is an essential item. I was a bonehead and forgot the beautiful scarf she gave me, so Miles bought me one as a Mother's Day gift. I don't feel so naked now.

French women are either beautifully turned out, or completely undone. No middle groud.

The people watching in Paris is fabulous!

Despite what many guide books say, the natives are very pleasant. Our waiter joked and smiled.

We had our first cafe and croissant, our first drink in a cafe and our first dinner. French onion soup, grilled lamb and creme brulee for me, salmon salad and pork chop with potato gratin for Miles. Yummy

Now,if you will excuse me, our wine is chilled, and the jet-lag is brutal.

Bon nuit!

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  1. YAYA. love your photos, too. oooh, have a wonderful time. we are so happy for you both. love every moment. play hard, rest well.

    miss you!

    melinda, johan & lucie.