Thursday, June 11, 2009

The company picnic

Today we tagged an important base on the Suburban checklist - the company picnic. For those unfamiliar, the company picnic (and it's cousin, the company holiday party) is a function one attends to put in "face time". Face time shows the boss you're a team player and gives you the chance to spend time with one's coworkers outside the office setting.

Actually, though I mock, I always kind of enjoy the office parties. When you get out as little as I do, any chance to talk to other grownups is a pleasure. Plus, they feed you.

The picnic was in a small park near Cal Poly. There is a newly-renovated playground, with some fabulous play structures. The chow was good, especially the vast quantities of strawberries and cake! The little girls had a great time running amok and wolfing down fruit and cookies. We sat with another couple who have 3 year old fraternal twins, swapping stories and commiserating over the challenges. Potty training was a hot topic.

When it came time to leave, the girls were escorted over to the Dean to say thank you. They did a great job, pronounced the Dean's name correctly and said a gracious thank-you. He seemed tickled.

Another plus that comes with this sort of outing is the girls get lots of exercise. They got a bath and went to bed (almost) without fuss.

Hooray for the company picnic!

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