Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crisis du jour

Today, at (not) nap time, I had to go into the girls' room several times to tell 'em to settle down. They were yammering, and rattling their piggy banks, and squabbling, etc. My mood wasn't getting any sweeter, as they were completely ignoring my commands to pipe down, and I really wanted a nap.

Then I hear Claire crying in earnest, and Aeron hollering for Mama. I rush into the room, and Aeron says, "Claire swallowed a penny!" Claire is sitting on the side of the bed, teary, red-faced and looking worried. "I need some medicine, Mom!"

After asking Claire if she really had swallowed a penny ("un-huh!") I called the pediatricians office to speak with the nurse.

"Hi, it's Jennifer Clark. I need to talk to one of the nurses to see if I should be panicking."

"This is Aubry, how can I help you?"

"Claire just swallowed a penny. Should I be freaking out?"

"No. It'll come out. Keep an eye out for it."

"This happens a lot, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. But they usually swallow quarters."


  1. this made uncle johan laff out loud at annual conference.

  2. That is a very hard and slow way for a little girl to start a collage fund.

  3. isn't she a tad young to be 'going through the change?'