Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day lesson

It's another beautiful day here on the Central Coast.

This morning I wandered out on the back deck to take a look at our burgeoning garden box. The tomatoes are growing like mad. They look like a creature about to assault the foundations of the house. In the corner, our single zucchini plant is doing what they always do - fruiting like mad. I apparently missed one when harvesting t'other day, 'cause now there is a squash the size of a baseball bat in the box.

Miles heard my snort and came out to see. Followed by Aeron.

I pointed.

"Yep. That's one big-ass zucchini".

"Daddy!? Can I see the big-ass zucchini?!? Wow! I never seen such a big-ass zucchini! What are we gonna do with the big-ass zucchini, Daddy?! Claire! Come see the big-ass zucchini!"

Here endth the lesson.

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