Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my daughter Claire, destructive force of Nature

Parents will often bemoan the wreckage their little darlings can wreak. But for my money, Claire has raised destruction to an art form.

Last evening, Claire and I were giving Aeron rah-rahs as she sat on the potty in Mama's bathroom. Claire brought her a book to read, and was nattering on as she was jumping off the side of the tub. (Claire jumps, that's her thing) Suddenly, she lost her balance, arms flailing, as she tried not to face-plant on Mama's marble bathroom floor. She grabbed the towel rack, and managed not to fall, but instead, ripped the aforementioned rack right outta the wall. Pieces of the rack clanged to the floor and Claire was engulfed in bath towels. (surprisingly, Aeron still didn't poop)

Claire got down from the side of the tub, and handed me the towels. "I'm sorry, Mama! It was an accident! I'm so sorry!", blue eyes wide and distressed. I told her it was OK, it was an accident and Daddy would fix it. When he fixes it is an unknown at this time, but he will fix it. Eventually.

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