Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Week is officially OVER!


What a week. Lots of places to be. Lots of surreptitious wrapping of gifts. Lots of schlepping around. I feel I've driven all over the County. Oh, wait.... I did.

The schedule looked like this.

  • Monday: Jen's birthday. Lunch with Miles. Dinner, with cheesecake and presents with the family
  • Tuesday: Cameron's birthday. Miles & Cam go to Monterrey for the day. Dinner, cake and presents at Susan and Ron's
  • Wednesday: Claire & Aeron's birthday. Lunch at the country club. Dinner at Applebee's. Cake and presents at home.
  • Thursday: no activities (except catch-up on house chores not done the rest of the week)
  • Friday: Birthday party at school for Claire & Aeron. Mama brings 3 dozen cupcakes.
  • Saturday: Beach party at Cayucos for Cameron. Horde of kids. Much yelling at children, reminding them not to drown.

Stick a fork in me; I'm done!

PS: Miles just told me there will be a birthday party at church tomorrow for all the July kid birthdays. Ack.

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