Thursday, July 9, 2009

"It's Potty Time; you got to get down low...!"*

It is time.

Time to get very, very serious about potty training.

Claire and Aeron turned 4 yesterday. Aeron has done some good work in the potty department, but Claire has resisted mightily. "I'll go later, Mom."

Now. Every single health professional has told me not to worry, they'll go when they are ready. But still wearing diapers at 4 years old? Ok, I gave 'em time and now they need to be ready. I'm getting embarrassed.

This morning I talked to the twins and explained they were big girls now and needed to stop wearing diapers. The girls were in underpants all day, except for nap time. I'm using jellybeans from Easter as an incentive. Aeron has gone potty repeatedly, and Claire went once. Only one accident; Claire was able to stop peeing and get to the potty, albeit with damp drawers.

Stay tuned for more Potty News!

* if you recognize the quote, you obviously have spent too much time with Elmo

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