Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jen's Tips & Pointers: Holding back the years

I'd had an idea for a while to write series of posts - "Jen's Tips & Pointers". I have some bits of hard-won wisdom I'd like to share. Feel free to completely ignore my advice; my kids do.

Today's subject - Holding back the years.

There are 5 basic ideas that can go quite a ways toward the goal of looking younger than one's calendar years. Mostly aimed at women. But the fellas can benefit, too.

1.) Sunscreen. Daily. Look younger and avoid skin cancer!

2.) Stand up straight. Makes the girls look perkier, if you.....

3.) Purchase the very best support brassiere you can afford. Especially if you've had kids. Forget surgery, invest in underpinnings!

4.) Use a whitening toothpaste. As we age, your teeth get dingier from all the coffee, tea, red wine, soda, etc. Whiter teeth also encourage one to smile more, thus looking less like an cranky old fart.

5.) Keep your hair shiny. As we age, we have less glossy locks. If you color, ask for a gloss with your touch-up. Use a leave-in conditioner/gloss finishing spray; look for silicone as an ingredient. Sleek and glossy = young and sexy! Also, Kayla suggests you don't cut your hair short. No mom hair!


  1. hear ya on #3. boy do i ever. just paid a visit to VS semi-annual sale the other day.

  2. VS doesn't do it me anymore. I need *serious* support!