Thursday, July 30, 2009

A night of Firsts

On Tuesday, Miles and I took Claire & Aeron to the Mid State Fair. We haven't gone the last few years. Didn't seem appropriate, somehow. The girls used to be freaked out by noise and strangers. But we decided this year we could take them, especially since they learned about the fair at school and have been asking, non-stop, when we could go.

We parked in downtown Paso and took the shuttle to the fairgrounds. The girls about vibrated out of their skins when they saw the yellow school bus we would ride. Claire was jumping up and down and shrieking, "A SCHOOL BUS! MAMA! LOOK! A SCHOOL BUS!" Another fella waiting for the shuttle was grinning behind his sunglasses. This was their first ride on a proper, yellow school bus

At the fair, we saw the animals. The sheep and goats were all having dinner, the pigs were all asleep, the bunnies all seemed bored to death. The horses withdrew from the doors of their stalls when they saw the girls approaching, I'm sad to report.

Then it was time for a treat. Ice cream in waffle cones. We found a (relatively) peaceful patch of grass to sit on and the girls snarfed down their ice cream in record time. Miles and I split a funnel cake. I must be getting old; all I could think of was what the grease and sugar were going to do to my cholesterol and hips....

Next, we took the little girls on the carousel. Aeron went fairly traditional, and chose a horsey. Claire got on a kitty. The ride really needed some maintenance. It was jerking up and down rather than gliding. But the girls loved it!

After the ride, it was time to go home. On the way out, Miles got them both a toy trumpet. Imagine, if you will, the sound of small elephants protesting as they are being stomped on by large elephants. That's the sound of those trumpets.


  1. I don't know how the heck to post a comment on your blog but I gotta ask, what did you do to Miles to make him mad enough to get back at you by buying those girls trumpets? Is the man insane?

  2. Well, I'm not really sure. Good question.


  3. My comment? To Miles - what was he thinking when he got the girls trumpets!!!!!!!

  4. I may be insane. Fair point. Just want my kids to be musical.

    Of course, Jen has neglected to mention that (1) she was standing right there when I bought them (2) asked Claire if she wanted the purple trumpet, and (3) didn't try to talk anybody out of anything.

    Plus, it's just hilarious when they're both honking on the things :-)

  5. this makes me miss the central coast more than ever. sigh. and i agree, miles you are ABSOLUTELY INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. and we love you for it. as my sister says "daddies are for breaking the rules." ; )

  6. dad, certainly not insane, little kids make NOISE and they will get toys that make MORE.
    anyways what a flippin cute picture of claire!!
    love from the aloha state,