Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty Update

Aeron is doing really well on the potty training front. She spends her days wearing underpants and she perfectly willing to interrupt her play time to go potty. She's is very proud of herself; she "goes poop for Daddy!", bless her heart. She is still demanding the bribe; a.k.a. gummy penguins or jelly beans, but her main motivation seems to be pleasing the grown-ups.

This morning at breakfast, she piped, "Ooooh. I gotta go potty!" She leapt down from the breakfast bar and scampered up stairs to the Fish Bathroom. Next I hear a small voice warbling, "It's Potty gotta git down low-oh-oh-oh!"

Elmo is the bomb!

PS: Claire still holding out, but there are signs she's get interested. Keep your fingers crossed!

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