Friday, July 3, 2009

Small world; wouldn't want to paint it

California is a large state. 36 million plus folks here. 5th largest economy on the planet. 3rd largest state in the Union, with an area of 163,696 square miles. But it's crazy who we run into while out and about.

Miles and I took the little girls to Morro Bay today. Stopped and got coffee and yummies, then went to Tidewater Park. The little girls had a blast playing on the pirate ship, running about barefoot in the sand and watching the kayaks in the Bay.

I was sitting on a retaining wall, watching the girls, when I saw this oh-so-cute baby crawling in the sand. She had a huge grin, which showed all two of her teeth, and big blue eyes. Her mama saw me smiling at her child, and we struck up a conversation. The family was visiting her mom, she has a 4 year old boy (also on the pirate ship), she and her husband live in the Central Valley. She asked about the twins, and did we have any other kids? Miles had joined us by this point, so when I mentioned Kayla and Cameron, the woman stopped in her tracks, pointed at my husband and said, "I know you!"

"I've been trying to figure our where I know you from!" Miles says with a grin.

Turns out the nice lady with the beautiful baby is Micah, who was Kayla's favorite teacher at the Cal Poly Children's Center. She left Poly years ago, changed careers, married and now raises grass-fed beef in the Valley, while raising her two kids. We met her husband, Seth, told her all about Kayla and Cam and what they've been up to. It was a really nice encounter.

How come all the nice folks with young kids, that we connect with, always live hours away?!?

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