Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An action-packed week

Often, I have told people that I my life is very busy, but not with anything that makes a good story.

Not this week! In the past week, the following that happened:

  • we had house guests, which means we cleaned the house
  • aforementioned house guest ended up in the hospital
  • I ferried the son of the house guest back and forth to the hospital
  • house guest had surgery
  • our trip to AZ was delayed due to hospital crisis
  • 10 loads of laundry
  • we drove to Reseda and had dinner with the Dodges
  • we got up before the crack of dawn to drive to AZ
  • long, boring drive across the desert
  • fun dinner with the Clark-Callahan clan
  • night terrors from both twins
  • way too much squabbling about sleeping arrangements in our hotel room.
  • nice lunch to celebrate Papa's 105th birthday
  • twins both have a meltdown and we taken back to the hotel for a nap
  • evening get together with various kinfolk. Poolside!
  • more squabbling from kids
  • Jen went to the bar, found Trevor there. Miles joined them
  • Slept in the next morning. Whoops!
  • got kids fed, sent 'em to the pool
  • Miles and Jen packed up 6 people
  • Said goodbye to Nana & Papa
  • got a late start on the long, boring drive across the desert
  • after 12 hours in the van, Claire lost her patience. Sniveled for the last 45 minutes of the trip.
OK. I'm done whining now.


  1. The twins had a meltdown at Papa's 105th b-day party?? That's wrong!! They were there for over THREE hours! They charmed the pants off everyone there!! After over three hours of entertaining the crowd, the two four years olds were tired, and understandably so! What is a "meltdown" anyway? A little more obstreperously energetic with a few tears, or a screaming tantrum face down on the floor?

  2. My darling angels rarely pitch tantrums, I'm happy to report.