Monday, August 10, 2009

The changing nature of woman

We have an annoying problem with the plumbing in our house. If one is taking a shower and water is turned on in another part of the house, the shower goes ice cold. In an attempt to get a soothing hot shower, I would announce my intentions. It never worked. Invariably, someone would throw in a load of laundry or turn on the sprinklers. I would come furiously marching out of my room, dripping wet in a towel and start yelling for the offender to confess. It never did a bit a good. The strategy I developed was to shower after everyone was in bed, or when I was alone in the house.

Last night, after a long day at the beach, I hopped in the shower after the little girls were tucked in and asleep. Or so I thought. Aeron got up to go potty (yay!) and when she flushed (yay!) the water in my warm, relaxing shower ran frigid. And you know what?

It was amazingly refreshing!

This is possibly the only silver lining to perimenopause.


  1. So ,how is it that if someone turns on the cold water somewhere (ie. flushes the toilet or turns on the sprinklers) your hot water goes away?

  2. Damned if I know. Do I look like a plumber? Feel free to investigate when you're here!

  3. Ah yes, the joys of cold water! From a former hot shower taker who now likes to luke warm.