Saturday, August 22, 2009

In the middle of the night, episode 3

The crying began at 12:58am.

It was Aeron this time. I went to the girls' room to find Aeron sitting up in bed, sniveling.

"What's wrong, Boo?" I asked. She didn't answer, just sniveled some more and coughed. (She's been coughing for a couple of weeks. She'll be seeing the doctor on Monday...)

Then Claire woke up and started sobbing. I went over to the other bed.

"Clairezie, what's wrong."

"Aeron's being too loud for me to sleep!" she wailed.


"Sweetie, Aeron can't help her cough. She's going back to sleep, so lay down and relax."

Claire started to gather up her blanket and bear and sobbed something.

"What sweetie?"

More sobbing, even louder.

"Honey, I can't understand you. Calm down and try again."

"I *gasp* wanna *gasp* wanna *gasp* be separated!"

(FYI - when the girls nap, we often put one on the couch and one in their room. They don't keep each other awake that way, and a lot more napping happens)

I give this idea a think. In my half-asleep brain, I thought it didn't set a very good precedent. So....

"Sweetie, you need to stay in bed and go back to sleep."

"I *gasp* wanna sleep *gasp* on the COUCH!"

By this time, naturally, Aeron had collapsed back unto her pillow and nothing more was heard from her for the rest of the night.

"Claire, calm down. Here's your purple blanket and Clairezie Bear. See? You're all tucked in and cozy. Nite-nite, love."

After 30 seconds of whimpering, Claire grabbed her quilt and rolled over.

Mama staggers back to bed. Game over.

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts so keep them going! I was wondering how those two could settle down for quiet time if they were together. Matt and Mark shared a room for a while. Drove me crazy....