Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Contentment in the 'burbs

It was a beautiful day today; warm and sunny, with refreshing breezes.

Claire, Aeron and I took a walk around the neighborhood before lunch. The girls ran down the sidewalk, picked up sticks, smelled flowers and admired a neighbor's apple tree. (I know some of my readers are gagging about now, and lest ye think it was an unleavened Rockwell moment, I just want to let you know that Aeron managed to step in dog poo and smear it all over her legs...)

The girls and I had lunch on the front deck, then went inside to make Irish soda bread. Once the loaves were out of the oven, it was nap time. The girls settled down quickly and we all had a good rest.

When Kayla and Cameron came home, the first loaf of soda bread was 3/4 devoured. Toasted, with butter! Then Cam went off to golf practice with his grandfather, Kayla started homework and the wee lassies watched a Mister Rodgers DVD while I started dinner prep.

The girls, Cameron and Sasha, our neighbors' calico, and I were all sitting on the lawn when Daddy came home. Miles sat with us on the grass and tickled and roughhoused with the twins. The sight of Aeron, giggling and rolling in the grass, was wonderful. Then our neighbor walked by with her Jack Russell puppy and the girls were beside themselves with delight.

Terry stayed for dinner and we had spinach quiche, sweet potatoes fries and homegrown tomatoes on the front deck.

Now, it's quiet. Kayla's in her room reading "The Scarlet Letter", Cam and the girls are in bed and I can hear the crickets chirping thru the open windows.

It's all good.

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  1. So ... no car chases, no shots fired?