Saturday, September 12, 2009

In the middle of the night, episode 5


Oh, bloody hell!

It's Aeron, sobbing. I lay in bed, listening for a minute, hoping she'll shut up.

No soap.

"Aeron, honey, what's wrong?"

No answer, other than more sobbing. Ah, jeez, is she having night terrors...?

"Aeron? Do you want some water?"

"Yes!" Whew! (If she answers, it's not night terrors) So I give the kid a refill on her water and stagger back to bed.

"So, what was her damage?" asks the lump on the other side of the bed. "I dunno," I answer as I flop back into the pillows.

3 minutes later, more sobbing. Miles gets up this time. A little bit later, he comes back and flops.

A few quiet minutes pass. Then, more crying from Aeron. I go this time.

"Aeron! What!?" My whisper is becoming rather loud.

"I want Blue Bear!" What?! The god@%&# bear is right next to her bed! I shove the bear at her and leave the room. Miles doesn't even ask this time.

We tag-team the kid for another 20 minutes. Final score - Aeron: 6, parents: 0.

Or so we thought. The crying starts up again. I throw back the covers with anger and go stomping into the girls' room.

"Aeron....?" Aeron is quietly nursing on her sports bottle of water. The wailing is coming from the other bed. Claire is upset, and coughing. I go over to her, sooth her and tuck her covers around her, make sure she has Clairezie Bear and kissed her goodnight.

As I fell back into my bed for the final time, I checked the time. 12:53am.

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  1. I keep telling you. Put a little somethin somethin in their water before bed and they sleep all night. At least you guys tag team the little darlings