Saturday, September 5, 2009

Outta the mouths of babes....

Claire: "Mom, is it a 'church night' "?

Me: "Yup. Tomorrow is Sunday and you're going to church."

Claire: "Yay! We get to do Jesus and go to Sunday school!"


  1. Church??? Jesus?? Lucy, please 'splain to me...

    And when are you two coming for dinner?


  2. Ricky here...

    The kids & I have been attending the local Methodist church for several years, so that's what Claire's talking about. Jen uses the quiet time on Sunday mornings to luxiriate in the garden (and other stuff).

    Dinner - soon! Jen & I will get you some dates in the next couple of days. Also Chris & Caitlin will be in town around Sept 25. w00t!