Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cameron's first Band Concert

Tonight, for the first time, Cameron played his trombone in a band concert. This was the combined beginning band at Templeton Middle School. Which means about 75 sixth graders honking, squeaking and banging away on their new tubas, clarinets and saxophones. (no strings, thank god!)

The Templeton PAC was filled to the rafters; a standing-room only crowd of proud parents and grandparents, with a sprinkling of bored siblings and over-excited under-five-year-olds. The new band geeks were given enthusiastic cheers and applause, with lots of hooting and catcalls from the Concert Band kids. Claire and Aeron were reasonably well behaved, as Gra-Maw and I were muttering threats into their ears the whole time. "If you don't settle down, I take you home right now!"

Well, except for the part where Aeron mooned the audience.

Oh, yes she did!

It was during intermission. People were chatting, kids were rampaging. I was talking with Andrew's mom and I look around and I see Aeron's bare backside.

"What on earth are you doing?!?" Luckily, it was very noisy, so no one really heard my shriek of horror.

No answer, just giggles.

I grabbed the kid, pulled her pants up and proceeded to give her a stern talking-to. She was immediately contrite.

Never a dull moment, huh?

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  1. absolutely hilarious! better you than me that's for sure. Hey, Mark was a trombonist for a year too! Krystal and Matt played the clarinet for a limited time. I really tried to get at least one of my kids to love band the way I did. No luck.