Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's Sunday morning. The girls and I are having breakfast and I think to myself, "I need to go to Target for 'X'." A slurp of strong coffee and a moment later, I cannot remember what I need at Target. I sat in that chair and went back over my train of thought for at least a half a cup of java, and I simply can't remember!

I used to have a fabulous memory. If you dropped me on Ford Road, I could take you to the apartment I lived in when I was 5 years old. I remember the address of the place I lived in when I was 7. I remember my grandmother's phone number she got in 1977. (602.996.1275!) But now, I can't remember something I thought of one minute earlier.

I don't think I'm having a senior moment. I'm pretty sure it's a form of Mommy Brain. See, it starts when you're pregnant. When I was about 5 months along, I got out of our minivan one afternoon, and left the door open. It was open all night. It rained that night. Whoops. And the battery was dead. Then after the babies were born, there was a combo of hormones and psychosis-inducing sleep deprivation; I was utterly witless. Oh, and I cried a lot. Now, I'm getting decent sleep and the hormones have leveled out, mostly. And I can't remember the simplest thing! It drives me to despair.


  1. Yeah. Sorry to tell you this Jen, but I think its just age. I used to be able to remember anything about something I wroted down. It is how I got through school because I never opened a book, I just listened close to the lectures and took notes. And looking at those notes before the test, I could recall the whole lecture, even if it was something I had not written down. If I came across a random scrap of paper with something on it that I wrote, I could tell you what the cryptic note meant, and what was going on when I wrote it.

    Not any more. I spend my day at work coming across little scraps of notes that I wrote durung a phone conversation with someone and I have no idea who or what or when. That is something so alien to me and how things used to work with my memory that it frightens me sometimes. But I'm fairly sure it is just normal ageing. My memory is good, but that extra bit of edge I used to have, that something special about something I wrote down, is gone.

  2. Sorry, but I have to agree with Devin. It's age creeping up on you. My long term memory is great, it's the short term memory that's a problem. Now, if I could just figure out how to get information straight into long term memory, I would be fine.