Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life lessons

Lately, it seems life is attempting to teach me a few things.

Lesson the first - Stop gripping about energetic children.

Claire has been down with a virus all this week. It started with throwing up, followed by fever, listlessness, and sniveling, then some more throwing up. This caused all sorts of wrinkles in scheduled activities, not mention worry and interrupted sleep. I think I'd much rather have healthy, climbing-the-walls kids.

Lesson the second - Do not allow a geek to choose your cell phone.

My cell phone was dying, exhibiting weird hardware quirks and refusing to hold a charge. I went to my providers website, and picked out a new phone. Miles was in charge of ordering, then I get this call from him. He's breathless with excitement; there's a smoking deal on a smart phone! Buy one, get one free! I just couldn't bring myself to rain on his gadget parade. Two days later, the box arrives and now I'm trying to figure out this gizmo that is way more phone than I need. So far, I've managed to choose a wallpaper and a ringtone. No clue how to actually use the thing.

Lesson the third - Virtue is more than just it's own reward.

I have a deal on with my sweetie. If I can fit into my vintage peacock cocktail dress by our anniversary, he'll take me to House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. I started the year with some success; five pounds were gone. And that was all about dietary virtue. No wine, more whole grains and veggies, no afternoon coffee or late night snacks. I fell off the wagon last night; a couple of glasses of wine and a 10pm nibble. Result? A pound and a half back. Seems a pretty clear cause-and-effect relationship to me.

Message received. Consider me lessoned, already!

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  1. Lesson #1- The grass is always greener...
    Lesson #2- I guess I'm with Miles on this one.
    Lesson #3- You the man loves you. If you want ot fit into that vintage peacock patry dress by your anniversary, it's your wish, not his. Do what you think you have to...