Sunday, April 25, 2010

It only took me 27 years to figure out

This morning I made myself an omelet for breakfast. I sautéd a green onion from the garden , added half a seeded plum tomato and finished this masterpiece with goat cheese crumbles and freshly cracked pepper. It was yummy.

Please note: there is ham in our fridge and I did not put any in my eggs.

This is a major departure for me. I love ham; love it, love it, love it! But I decided I didn't want to eat meat this morning.

"What?!?" I hear you cry. "Who are you and what have you done with Jen?!?"

Time for some back story.

I grew up in the MidWest. Meat and potato country. Always soup and bread, never salad, territory. I moved to California in 1995, and discovered fresh veggies. Green beans were a revelation. It got to the point were my roomie asked me to please stop with the damn green beans, already! I learned what a good tomato tastes like and the joys of quality Cabernet. But I never did develop a fondness for salad. I mean, I'll eat one, especially if my kids are at the table, but I don't ever lust for the stuff.

In high school, during Philosophy class, we had a Seventh Day Adventist as a guest speaker. He was extolling the virtues of a vegetarian lifestyle. I distinctly remember asking him, " Have you ever had a good steak?" He replied, "Yes. And it tasted great. But it's not good for you."

I thought the guy was willfully insane. Really.

Having read "The Blue Zones", which totally validates the diet of the Adventists, Miles & I are eating less meat, more veggies and whole grains. At first, it felt like a real effort. You know, not eating whole grains because we liked 'em, but because it would help us live long enough to see our daughters graduate from high school. But with my omelet this morning, I realize lately, I've been making healthier choices because, well, they tasted good!

Mr. Adventist, I get it now.


  1. Welcome to the Dark (no, Light) Side.

  2. Less meat is good.