Thursday, April 15, 2010

One big, happy, chaotic family

Last night, Miles and I went to the PAC to see Rockappella. For those not familiar with this group, they are 5 guys singing modern pop/rock/doo wop/Motown a cappella. It's quite a show. They dance! They sing! They pick ladies from the audience to serenade! Their talent is amazing and their music and moves are tight and well-rehearsed.

In order to attend a function like this, a surprising amount of planning and organization needs to be in place. And since the Clarks are dwellers in chaos, it's always a whirlwind of last-minute changes and forgotten details.

The original plan: Kayla will stay the night at our house and watch the little girls for us. Miles and I would drive down to Poly to see the show.

What actually happened: I jumped into the shower at 3:30, dressed and got everyone packed up and in the van by 4pm, then drove all four kids to Susan and Ron's house. Next I drove to Cal Poly to pick up Miles, then we hurried to the CPA's office to sign our taxes before 5:30pm. Then, realizing we didn't have the tickets to the show with us, we placed a panicked call to my mother-in-law, who arranged to have our tickets reprinted and waiting for us at will call. The next part was nice. My husband and I got to spend some time together. We had a leisurely dinner, and a brief stop at the bookstore before the show. We saw the performance, then headed back North to pick up the little girls. Aeron sobbed when we put her in the van to take her home. Susan, whose heart strings had been well and truly pulled, rushed out the door with a fuzzy blanket for Aeron to cuddle.

Nothing is ever simple 'round here.

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