Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the middle of the night; episode 12


It's cool and dark and peaceful in my Boudoir. Miles, Mitzi and I are peacefully asleep, when Claire appears at my side of the bed.

"Mom" she whispers. "I had a bad dream."

I hold up the covers and she climbs in, Purple Blanket wrapped around her neck. We snuggle up. After, I dunno, 10 minutes? "Claire," I murmur. "Time to go back to bed." I hold the covers up, she slides out and toddles off to her room.

It's quiet and peaceful once more. I begin to drift off.



"I had another bad dream."

We repeat the cuddle process and after a few minutes, I send her back to her bed. This time, however, it's not so peaceful. I can hear a distant rooster, Mitzi had decided she needs to nuzzle my ear and the neighbor across the street with the loud car is headed to work. After the sound of the vehicle with the loose belts faded from the air, and I tossed the cat overboard, I start to relax and head back to sleep.

At which point, Claire enters, hesitating at the end of the bed, then decides Daddy is a more likely prospect. She climbs in with Miles and gets settled in. My husband turns his head and asks, "How many times has she been in here?"

"This makes three." After a suitable cuddle, Miles escorts the child back to her bed.

Then, peace finally reigned. Well, except for the rooster,

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