Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No, *that* was the worst night's sleep in recorded parental history..... a.k.a. Night Terrors!

Clearly, I have offended the gods. Or perhaps I unknowingly ran over a leprechaun. The pixies must be angry. Something.

Yesterday, the girls had a very busy and very exciting day. First, they went to church with Daddy; that's fun. Then we went down to San Luis to go swimming; always a thrill. Then we had the neighbors over for dinner. That was what did the damage.

The neighbor kids and Claire & Aeron were rampaging full-tilt boogie at 9pm, completely trashing the family room. They were giggling like maniacs, spilling out the toy buckets, jumping on each other; absolute pandemonium.

We got the girls down, and retired to the Boudoir for some quality sweetie time. Enjoyed a glass of wine, read our books, listened to soothing music. Until about 10:30pm, anyway.

Aeron starts crying. Then the crying gets louder and more anguished. I went into her room and she was uncovered and thrashing about. I hug the child, talk to her softly, rub her back and she subsides. I lay her down, cover her up and leave.

Miles and I tag-teamed the kid for the next five hours. She finally stopped about 3am.

Good thing she's cute.


  1. Who knew someone so pretty could cry like THAT!

    Here's hoping you have a peaceful night tonight.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I loved the comment you left on my blog so much that I had to repost it inside the actual post. Hope you don't mind. You made me slap my knee in laughter. And then I felt like a dork.