Friday, October 15, 2010

The "Yummy Mummies" or How I Have Become What I Despised

I can't really decide if I'm a hypocrite or merely have more insight into the lives of housewives in California.

When first I moved to the Central Coast, I couldn't believe how pampered the moms on the school run looked. Manicured nails, salon tans, artfully streaked and cut hair, expensive exercise togs, diamonds the size of gobstoppers, fer cryin' out loud!. I just had two step-kids at the time, and I was lucky to get my hair combed before I walked 'em to school.

Today, heading back to my minivan after walking the wee lassies to class, I looked down and admired my pretty, red-painted toes. Then I thought about my hair appointment next week. I pondered the linen sun dress I was wearing and how the color suited my tan. Suddenly, and with horror,  I realized I had become one of the high-maintainance stay-at-home-moms I used to look down my nose at.

Maybe this was my working-class snobbery coming back to bite me on the butt. I mean, I'm not that high-maintainance. My one indulgence is a pedicure; after chasing rambunctious twins, washing endless dirty dishes and folding countless mounds of clean laundry, the foot rub is very soothing. The cute little black sandals I picked up for less than 4 bucks at Target. The dress I've had for years and it's comfy. I've been getting inexpensive haircuts and haven't had a color weave in over a year.

So, am I taking care of myself or am I an over-indulged wife? Taking time to take care of myself is important, right? Or is this a justification? Is money spent on pedicures, flattering clothing and hair color a waste?



  1. some might call it...not letting yourself go. Besides, if momma's happy, everybody's happy, right?


  2. I say, as long as you are not depriving your children of basic needs to pay for your long as you are not neglecting the needs of your family to spend time pampering long as you are not judging those who do not do as you do...AND most importantly, as long as you feel just as good about the woman on the inside as you do about the woman on the are A-OK in my book.

  3. pedicures, especially with a massaging chair, are worth every penny. I want one!!! Hair, am working towards a no color look as a way to save $$$ once retired.

  4. Admit it. Your are spoiled! LOL

  5. gasp! you spent money on yourself?! that's crazy talk! i demand that you march those less than $4 sandals right back to target and put that money in the college fund.


    next time, get the manicure AND the pedicure AND the extra 10 minute massage. every mom deserves a little TLC, and that doesn't make you high maintenance at all.