Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh, fer cryin' out loud!

Claire came in to snuggle this morning. As usual, she had her Purple Fuzzy Blanket and Clairezie Bear, and she climbed in on Daddy's side of the bed. (She's a superior snuggler; it's very sweet.)  For just a precious moment, all was peaceful.

Then came the wailing, faint at first. Then the wailing grew louder as the child making the noise staggered towards my room. As Aeron rounded the corner, she took her wailing up a notch (Which felt like a pin in the backside, I must say.) She climbed in on my other side and tried to tell me something through her tears. I shushed the child and snuggled her, and asked her to calm down and tell me what was wrong.

"Claire said it's a sunny day and I don't want her to!"


  1. Ha! Yeah.... "Funny" isn't the first description which comes to mind!

  2. I've had those days.

    "Don't you say it."
    "It's a good morning, Love."
    "Adrian. I will stab you."

  3. @noa: I found a sign at Ross I simply had to have. "Coffee first, then talk". Whenever the girls start bombarding me first thing in the morning, I point to the sign. Or, if I'm still hiding in the bed with my coffee, I ask, "What's the rule?!?" It's so cute to hear the two girls chorus, "Coffee First! Then Talk!!!"

    It works, too. They stop talking at me. (for a few minutes, anyway...)