Monday, February 28, 2011

My 2 cents. Because I can.

We watched the Oscars last night at my in-laws' house. Miles & I had planned to make it an early evening, but then we just got sucked in by the tube. I gotta say, I really enjoyed it.

A few thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Clearly, Anne Hathaway was having a marvelous time, and who could blame her? She got to wear 8 fabulous dresses and schmooze with all them famous folks. Girl's got great pipes, too; I didn't know that.
  • Doesn't Scarlett Johansson own a comb? Her dress was lovely, her makeup tasteful, but her hair was a gawd-awful mess. ("Honey. That's not a "hair-do; that's a hair-don't"!) Could she honestly have thought that looked pretty?
  • Russell Brand should eat some high-calorie meals and wash his hair, the scary-looking grease ball.
  • Ain't Colin Firth classy? I'm sure Her Majesty will let him come home. 
  • Did Sandra Bullock look sad, or was it just me? She had the great red "I Will Survive" dress, but her beautifully done face looked just a bit sorrowful. 
  • Can we please never, ever see James Franco in drag again? Please? 'Cause that was more painful than listening to Vogon poetry. Ditto regarding Gweneth Paltrow's singing. 
  • Dame Helen Mirren looked positively lovely. As usual. Ditto Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Hudson.
  • Did anyone know Christian Bale was a Brit? And who glued the dead squirrel to his chin? 
  • Keith Urban is an Aussie? Huh. I heard he was a country singer and just assumed he was from Texas.
  •  I read an article this morning about how it was too early to tell if Melissa Leo's F-bomb during her acceptance speech would hurt her career. Gimme a break. The lady was excited, she had just won an Oscar, fer christssakes.  The broadcast wonks bleeped it out for TV, so what's the problem? I'm pretty sure that every single person in the Kodak Theater has heard the word before. In fact, I'd bet every single person in the Kodak Theater has used the word before. Even that sweet young thing from "True Grit" in the pretty pink dress. 
  • Speaking of things that should have been bleeped; didya see the Best MakeUp award?!? Of course, a clip of the film "The Wolfman" was screened and obviously, those guys seriously deserved that award. The very realistic, incredibly gross, and exceedingly frightening effects scared the snot out of my little girls, who ran screaming from the room. 
OK. I think I got all the snark outta my system. 


  1. i missed it! i was too busy eating a croissant with a friend who also decided to skip the hoopla on tv. man, it sounds like i missed out on some drag....i try never to miss a good looking man in drag.

  2. I missed the Oscars. Your report is what I am relying on to catch me up on what I missed. As for the "F" bomb, at least she didn't say fuck!

  3. Actually the biggest travesty of the evening was that "The King's Speech" won best picture and director. This was the "Shakespeare in Love" of this decade.... a good film, but either "Inception" or "The Social Network" were markedly better and thus more deserving. It is sad to see the Academy take the conservative route and give the awards to "safe" films that could have been made any year and ignore works like "Inception" that was at the cutting edge of imaginative story-telling or "The Social Network" which is extremely relevant to today's society.