Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only the best for my Clairezie

The scene: A little girl, freshly washed and in her jammies, settles down in her parent's bed to read books before bedtime.

Claire choses a book from Mama's collection, "The Ship of Dreams". (Charming story, gorgeous illustrations) She snuggles into her pillow, opens the book, but then quickly looks at the front cover.

"It didn't win the Calldecott Medal." she comments casually. "That's OK. I'll still read it."

Good thing she's got standards.


  1. I love this! Doesn't their literary knowledge astound you sometimes? Today at the park Meredith was climbing around so nimbly that I called her a Very Busy Spider, to which Adam piped up with "By ERIC CARLE!"

    I about fell over.

  2. It astounds me what my daughters learn in kindergarten! Art history, celestial machanics, American history. Not their Mama's kindergarden...

  3. i seriously love a girl with standards. maybe i need to take a few lessons from your babe.