Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am never going to make it

There is no way I'm not going have a nervous breakdown before Claire & Aeron are 18. No chance whatsoever.

Today's example: Having just arrived home from the grocery store, I sent the girls upstairs to change out of their Uggs and into shoes & socks for school. I was unpacking groceries when I heard sudden, shrill, terror-stricken screaming from Claire. I stampede upstairs thinking the child is either being torn apart by rabid dingos, or she's fallen and has multiple compound fractures.

"Claire!" I yell frantically as I'm tearing up the stairs. "Claire, what's wrong?!?"

I dash into the family room, and she's standing there, red-faced, still squealing. She looks fine. No blood, no limbs bent in unnatural angles, fine!

"Claire! What?!?"

"My nose is bleeding!"

Two drops! She bumped her nose and couple of drops of blood fell! Oh, and they have nose bleeds all the time! 

I'm not gonna make it.


  1. Let's run away together to a camp for moms who won't make it.

  2. Those are the kind of days that make you say "I quit!"

  3. Yeah, but that was THE BEST USE OF "dingos" in a sentence EVER. You are going to make it.