Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's the little things, ya know?

Today, I attempted to open a new bottle of moisturizer. (with SPF 15!) One of those pump bottles where the pump is locked down and you are supposed to turn it counter-clockwise to pop it up.

I can't get it open. And this isn't an isolated incident, either. I cannot seem to open any pump bottle. Lotion, ketchup, sunscreen; I can't do it. Inevitably, after wrestling with the damn thing for 10 minutes or so, I will hand it to my husband to open it for me. Makes me feel like a useless, wimpy girl.

Another thing I can't do; keep a clean house.

This one drives me to despair. I can mop the floor and 5 minutes later, someone will walk through with muddy shoes or pour milk all over the place. I will pick up the myriad of papers my twin daughters bring home from school, turn my back for just a moment, and those selfsame papers are all over Kingdom Come again. Makes me wanna pick up a rock and bash myself with it.

I know, I know...."First World" problem. But there's gotta be a way, right? There must be some way to keep the house from looking like a tornado hit. There should be some technique I can learn to prevent my twins from tearing up the house. Right?!?

1 comment:

  1. guess it's time for me to confess....i got married just so i could have a bottle opener. there, i said it. now, my soul is free of its dark burden.

    are we talking about the same house? the same set of kids? i didn't even realize you HAD kids when i came over...the house was clean and nobody was making a sound. musta bribed em real good. =)