Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Birthday Lookie-Loo

I do this every year. I ponder the reality of getting older, and try to figure out if I'm heading in the right direction. Oh, and what direction did I want to go, anyway?

Today I turn 46. Not a huge number, compared to some (hi, Papa!) But older than I've ever been.

So, where am I at? I have a wonderful husband. Truly, Miles is a gem of love and support, an excellent father and an all-around funny guy. Most people don't know how funny he is, but I'm here to tell ya; dude is a crack-up! Also, he's a stellar BBQer, and easily the most patient man I have ever known. He makes me a fabulous husband.

I have great kids. Kayla is about to launch into the world. And the world better be prepared, 'cause she'll be running this planet in 20 years or so. Cameron turns 13 tomorrow. He's a sweet kid, and his little sisters adore him. He's also developing quite a subtle and snarky sense of humor. Plus, he's got great hair. I anticipate this is the year the girls start to circle like hungry sharks. Also, this is probably the year he gets taller than me.

Then, there are my daughters, Claire and Aeron. The girls turn 6 on Friday. What can I say to convey the whirlwind produced by the Wee Lassies? They have such boundless energy; imagine Kayla squared! They are endlessly inquisitive; it has been said small children ask 200 questions a day. Which makes approximately 400 inquiries launched at me every, single day. We do have a rule, though. No questions until Mama has had her coffee. But they also laugh. They laugh with such joy! They are so loving. They have known nothing but love, so they give only love. They fling their arms around everyone, with very sincere affection. When Daddy comes home, he is greeted like a rock star, each and every time. Claire and Aeron are at a stage where they are figuring out who is "in our family".  Luckily, we have a large family for them to love. Susan, Ron and Brandi DeCarli, Chris and Caitlin Neumann, Super Gra-Maw and Papa, Uncle Trevor, Great Papa, Cousin Karen, Uncle Brett, Uncle Clay-doh; and those are just the folks we see often! Few people can resist their charm.

I have a comfortable home in a beautiful area of the Central Coast. I live where people like to vacation.  I could wish to have a larger decorating budget, and I really would like to get baseboards in the downstairs bath, but that's a very minor thing. Our fruit trees are producing, we have folks next door who will feed the cat or from whom we can borrow an egg. The kids play all over the neighborhood. Our family  is happy here.

There are areas that need improvement in my 46 year-old life.

I've suffered enough with the pinched nerve. It will have been 6 years on Saturday. Time to get that shit fixed. Once I have the neurosurgery to repair that little problem, I will no longer have the excuse to not exercise. And I need to exercise! Because of ....

...perimenopause! My already slow metabolism has slowed to a crawl. Also known as the "Kurth Curse". We tend towards plumpness. Well, actually, we tend to be fat. I'd been doing fairly well, fighting the Curse, but lately have been losing the battle. I don't wanna go there!

I need to get out more. I'm a social creature, yet I love to stay at home. I need to find a social outlet.

I need to use my brain more. Use it or lose it, so the saying goes.

I need to stop being "Sweatpants Woman". I should make the effort to foof up from time to time. Despite hearing my man say, "you look fine without makeup".  (I'm pretty sure that in the Married Man's Manual, that's a required statement)

As I add up the pluses and minuses, I realize how very good my life is. Guess 46 will be a great year.


  1. A fabulous life. And so richly deserved for a woman who is kind, compassionate, funny as hell, an excellent chef and a wonderful friend.

  2. Good read---as for keeping the house orderly, try a little " Aunt Flossie" ask Terry to explain----I am too tender hearted---Love to all-----Papa

  3. Such a beautiful post! It seems like you have so many things to be happy about. I'm a social person, as well, but often choose home. The book club I joined has been absolutely wonderful for me!!