Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Of course, you realize, this means war!" *

There is a gopher eating my roses! The body count is now 5 (possibly 6) dead roses and one damaged-beyond-recovery apple tree.

This was "Perfumed Delight". Also killed were "Mister Lincoln", "Double Delight", "Tropicana", and "Fragrant Plum".

That gopher is about to meet it's Maker!

* Give yerself a pat on the back if you recognize the quote!


  1. I always believed in letting nature and the animals be, however, when they start eating the garden it's time to wreak havoc on the little vermin. Sorry to hear about "Perfumed Delight, Mister Lincoln, Double Delight, Tropicana and Fragrant Plum". And yes we understand the quote from Mr. Blanc.

  2. OMG, NO! I loved Perfumed Delight so much, I had to smell it, like, 20 times when I was there.

    Uh-oh, that gopher better run and hide.