Thursday, October 6, 2011

Going dark for a while

To my devoted readers:
 (all two of you)

The Fab Adventure is going radio silence for a bit. I'm going in the shop for a bit a body work and won't be posting for a few weeks. However, the comic possibilities of the situation should give me plenty of material for when I'm able to write again.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Fall weather and please send good vibes towards Miles. He's going to need all the positive energy he can get!



  1. Jen, please have Miles keep us posted. I am praying for your speedy recovery and that you FEEL MUCH BETTER after all this... Love you Love you Love you.

  2. Will do, m'dear. Thanks for the rah-rahs; I'mstarting to get a bit nervous.

  3. Jen-Please let Miles know if he needs help or wine to give a call! Sending healing white vibes for your recovery...Cathy