Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The Wee Lassies got new bikes for Christmas from their grandparents. They were very thrilled and promptly started agitating for a BIKE RIDE! with Daddy. Daddy, along with Uncle Trevor and one of the neighbor kids, organized an epic BIKE RIDE!, which took a couple of hours and involved a long stop at the park to work off all that sugar and excitement. Meanwhile, Mama and Gra-Maw had a nap and Papa collected all the wrapping paper that was flung all over Kingdom Come. So, you know, a win for everyone.

Daddy has been working from home all this week, which is fabulous. The commute alone makes it all worthwhile. Miles gets up, mainlines some dark roast java, puts on his Woobie and heads for the Bat Cave. One of the big pluses is Daddy's availability for BIKE RIDES! during the day. So, yesterday, Daddy AND Mama took the girls on a BIKE RIDE!

I haven't ridden a bike since approximately 2003, but it's true you never forget. I hopped on Cam's new mountain bike and we all set off for the park. As we wended our way through the neighborhood, we passed a house with a family hanging in the front yard. A dad, and a few kids just relaxing in the California sunshine. Then one little boy yells out a greeting, "Hi, Claire!"

Claire shrieks, "JOSE! Hi, Jose! Mama! That's my friend JOSE!!! Jose! I got a bike for Christmas!!!"

The whole family burst into smiles.

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