Monday, February 27, 2012

A California Sunday

Yesterday, we did what any California family does in mid-February. We went to the beach!

It was glorious; low 70's, sunny with a nice breeze. We played at the park for a bit, then watched the Wee Lassies fall down in the surf. Next we hunted for cool rocks and driftwood, and played in the sand. Then finished our playdate by getting ice cream and cruising the antique mall.

Just perfect.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mama is the name; nutrition is my game!

I really need to get out of the house more.

Yesterday, I ran to Trader Joe's for milk and fruit. Due to all three kids being in a growth spurt/eating frenzy, a gallon of milk, a bunch of bananas and a bowl full of apples lasts about 36 hours. A box of crackers is lucky to make it to sunset. Oy.

So, I'm in line at TJs with my milk and another 10 pounds of fruit. The sweet young clerk asks if I want my milk in my bag. "No thanks. I go through so much milk, if I put every one in a bag, a whole forest would be used up by now." She laughed and said, "I don't drink much milk myself. Not even when I was little."

That when the Mama possessed me and took control of my mouth.

"You know, you only have a certain window of opportunity to build the bone density you'll need for the rest of your life." "Really?" says the willowy girl with the long, rippling hair. "When does the window close?" "Around 20 or so, I seem to remember" says I. "Oh, good. I still have some time." she said, smiling. "I thought so." I answered.

Our transaction was done, but I needed to get in one more bit of advice. She was encouraging me, after all.

"Yes, you do. And since you are tall and slim and Caucasian, you are at higher risk of osteoporosis." "OK, then! More milk!" Then the girl smiled and wished me a good day as I left. 

Public service or pain in the ass? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My darling Boo finally said what every kid eventually says. To be honest, I expected it long before now.

"Mama! I don't wanna go to school!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did she *really* just say that?

A new series here at the Fab Sub Adventure!

"Mom! You never let us take a nap after school!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Best Valentine's Day

I know y'all think this is going to be some mushy diatribe on the romance of marriage. And marriage is romantic. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Married people have Valentine's Day all locked up. I want to talk to those who don't have a sweetie on this festival of Love. That's a lonely place and I'm here to help.

The best Valentine's Day I ever had was at a time I was profoundly single. I was living in SF; not really a target-rich hunting ground for the single straight girl, ya know? I was lonesome in a big city, working quite a bit and had no plans and zero prospects for V Day. My roomie Clay was also tragically single and we decided, what the hell? We don't have plans, let's go do the prix-fixe dinner at my hotel.

We got a bit fancy and headed out. The lovely folks at Roti always rolled out the red carpet for me and my guests; blowing past the crowd waiting in the lobby, we were immediately shown to our reserved table and plied with champagne. The room was full of couples at candlelit tables, all foofed up, and many looked rather tense. In contrast, Clay and I were fabulously relaxed (talk about no pressure!) and being attentively looked after by friends. The manager stopped by to chat. The chef came out and had a glass of wine with us. By this time, we were beginning to be the recipients of glances and murmurs, many of the expressions  a bit puzzled. Clay and I put our head together and whispered to each other, "Who are they?" "Are they famous?" "Should we recognize them?" We actually started to feel a bit sorry for the couples on their nerve-wracking dates.

After a few hours of wallowing in superb food, excellent wine and decadent desserts, we made our way home in a glow of contentment with the universe.

Romantic? You bet it was.