Friday, February 24, 2012

Mama is the name; nutrition is my game!

I really need to get out of the house more.

Yesterday, I ran to Trader Joe's for milk and fruit. Due to all three kids being in a growth spurt/eating frenzy, a gallon of milk, a bunch of bananas and a bowl full of apples lasts about 36 hours. A box of crackers is lucky to make it to sunset. Oy.

So, I'm in line at TJs with my milk and another 10 pounds of fruit. The sweet young clerk asks if I want my milk in my bag. "No thanks. I go through so much milk, if I put every one in a bag, a whole forest would be used up by now." She laughed and said, "I don't drink much milk myself. Not even when I was little."

That when the Mama possessed me and took control of my mouth.

"You know, you only have a certain window of opportunity to build the bone density you'll need for the rest of your life." "Really?" says the willowy girl with the long, rippling hair. "When does the window close?" "Around 20 or so, I seem to remember" says I. "Oh, good. I still have some time." she said, smiling. "I thought so." I answered.

Our transaction was done, but I needed to get in one more bit of advice. She was encouraging me, after all.

"Yes, you do. And since you are tall and slim and Caucasian, you are at higher risk of osteoporosis." "OK, then! More milk!" Then the girl smiled and wished me a good day as I left. 

Public service or pain in the ass? 

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