Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the middle of the night: Episode 18

Once again, Miles is out of town. This time, it's a two night camp-out with the Boy Scouts. And, as is normal, there is no cell service out in the boonies.

"I really miss Daddy!" wailed Miss Aeron at bed time. "I wanna call him!"

"Sweetie. His cell phone doesn't work where he's at."

My only reply? A trembling lip and tear-filled eyes.

I managed to get the girls in bed, soft music playing and read a story in soothing tones. They passed right out. Whew!

Then I went to bed and passed right out.


Aeron appeared at my bedside, hair on end, clutching a bouquet of stuffies to her tiny chest.

"Mama, can I snuggle with you?"

I patted the bed on Daddy's side and she climbed in, arranged all three of her animals, cuddled into my arm and passed back out.

After 10 minutes or so, I whispered, "Boo. Go back to bed."

She gathered up her stuffies and toddled off.

And peace reigned.

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