Monday, November 12, 2012

Goosed on the astral plane

I'd like to publicly and humbly apologize to my treasure of a husband for an incident a few days ago.

Imagine the scene - It's oh-dark-thirty. In a dark Boudoir, two lumps are buried under a fluffy comforter. One blonde and one brunette. It's cool and the only sound is the peaceful croaking of frogs wafting through the open window.

Suddenly, the blonde lump jerks violently and shrieks, "EeeeYAAAAAA!

The brown-haired lump wrenches awake, turns in the bed and says, "what the hell?!"

The blonde collapses back into the pillows and says, "Uh...sorry, hunny. I was dreaming and someone grabbed me from behind. Not in a good way."

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