Monday, November 12, 2012

I have a life?

Editor's note - It has been brought to my attention that this post makes it sorta sound like I'm not happy. This is most certainly not the case. So, please start with the premise that there is nowhere I'd rather be than right where I'm at. And then, read the stream-of-consciousness below. Thank you. Carry on.

Here's how it happens:

There you are, having wonderful times and then, BOOM! Babies.

Suddenly, you're completely consumed by middle-of-the-night feedings and changing diapers and the oh-my-god-I'm-so-tired litany running through your exhausted brain.

Things get better. The babies sleep through the night. You actually get out of the house. Grocery shopping alone feels like a freaking vacation.

Then, you send the little darlings off to daycare. Which costs money. (However, the husband was glad to have his wife back) 

Next comes pre-school. More costing of money. Much paper coming home with crayon scribbles and a lot of cut-and-paste.

On to kindergarten! No up-front costs! Scads of paper! But only 3 hours; just enough time for a nap and a cup of coffee. Oy...

First grade. 6 blissful, kid-free hours a day! Time to do the laundry and mop the floors and get back to baking the bread from scratch and....who am I kidding?! More napping and wallowing in solitude before the rampaging hordes come home.With homework. That you have to help with. (shoot me now...)

Now. By second grade, you should have caught up on your sleep. You probably are actually getting housework accomplished while the children are at school. Homework has become a familiar routine. Dinner gets on the table, kids get to their activities. You got this.

Then, without warning, a light breaks gently over the dark horizon. A concert of a favorite singer/songwriter is happening. Oh..... but, the husband has a prior commitment. Bummer....

Now, wait just a damn minute.

I'm going!

(alone? without my man? but....but.....) 

Yes, darn it!

I'm a big girl. I can arrange a babysitter and drive to South County all by myself! I don't want to miss this and I'm going to make it happen.


I guess I do have a life.

Editor's further note - We had a blast at SLO DOwn Pub in AG!  To see what you missed, I offer the following:

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  1. I am sooooo jealous. I can't remember the last time I got to hear Kevin play. His music is so fun and thought provoking.