Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get ready.....

And so we begin the most difficult part of any vacation.

The packing.

  • I have 3 people to pack for, plus 1 to supervise. Right now, the problem I'm having is my desire to be prepared for any and all eventualities. My list gets longer every day, it seems. At what point to you say, "Enough!"?  

  •  I want to include a first aid kit. Bandaids, Neosporin, cortizone cream, travel-sickness meds, Motrin, Benedryl. When you write it all out, it seems excessive. But my kids are lively, fall down a lot, get motion sick, etc. Do I hope for the best? Pray the plane is equipped with  bandages? Hope nobody gets barfy?

  •  How do I keep the Wee Lassies from climbing the walls during our 10 hour-plus plane ride? Pack lots of stuff for them to do, I guess. 

  • I  have gifts to take. Some of them are heavy. Some are breakable. Do I put them in carry-on or checked luggage? 

  • I want the kids to look decent while we're across the Pond. Don’t want to embarrass the grandparents. How on earth am I gonna get the Boy to pack a respectable shirt or two? (Have a stash in my bag, that's how!) 

  •  Ack! We all need sturdy walking shoes. Must go shopping....

  •  Plus, I have to set up the house for an extended absence. Gotta suck up to the neighbours, who will water my roses and feed the kitties. Also, I'd like to come home to a clean house. We'll be exhausted when we return and I want to be able to fall into a clean bed. But that means cleaning it whilst tearing around getting packed. Oy. 

So, you see how this is going. 

Wish me luck!

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  1. Kids on the flight--- Ipad loaded with movies and games. And then after they get tired of that (in about the 2nd hour of flight) lots of benedryl.

    First aid kit--- a few bandaids and a few motion sickness pills. Everything else can be bought. You are going to visit an industralized country, not camping in the wilderness.

    Gifts-- Ship them.

    Travel light, buy what you need.