Thursday, June 20, 2013

Humidity, nettles and thunderstorms

Today was *much* cooler, albeit with astounding levels of humidity. Probably about 80%. The breezes made it much more pleasant than yesterday. Still, we got hot and tired.

My brother-in-law Trevor and his lady friend Katie arrived today. They did pretty well with the jet-lag.

The 8 of us walked to Koningstrasse, the main downtown shopping area of Stuttgart. We wandered, saw the Schloss of the Kings of W├╝rttemberg, had drinks, took a ton of photos, etc.

After a nap all around, we gathered back at Bloomie & Fatma's for BBQ.(The walk over included a very brief encounter with a stinging nettle. Ow.) Chicken, pork, and sausage with bread and potato salad. With beer and a yummy, gooey dessert by Rita, Bloomie's mom.

Just as we were serving dessert, about 9:30pm, the wind picked up. We all ran for indoors. The heavens opened, and rain came pelting down. Thunder rumbled, the Wee Lassies had a freak-out.

By this time, Katie & Trevor were cooked and it was time to say goodnight. We walked back to our apartment in a rain-washed night.

Tomorrow: pick up rental cars for the trip to Austria and a visit with my husband's elementary school buddy, Greg Larson.


  1. Hey Clark Family! I love hearing about your adventures. Sad the the Wee Lssies got scared :( of the thunder, my mom told me it was the angels bowling in Heavan :) I told her they were getting out of control and needed to take a breather lol Looking forward to more posts. Any pictures ? Yard Duty at TES RoAnn

  2. Roann - checkout out eldest's blog,