Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moments in the Alps

 Another NOTE: I wrote this on June 20th.

Yesterday, we drove into Austria. Our first night was at a pension in Heiterwang. Looking at the scenery was like looking at a picture postcard. We had an excellent dinner and a rest full night.

Sunday found us at Sudnighaus.

Moments, in no particular order:

Driving up the mountain, our GPS ran out of road. We were off the map. Said my husband, "Here be dragons!"

Aeron said, as we approached 6000 feet, "OK, I'm completely out of my comfort zone!"

We watched 3 cows chase a car out of a country lane. Literally, the car got a few meters up the lane, was stopped by cows in their way/looking in the windows, then the car reversed back down.  The lead cow actually galloped after the car.

We can see/hear a rushing stream out our bedroom window.

Dinner was marvelous; a creamy garlic soup, a buffet salad course, a schnitzel with ham & cheese, roasted potatoes and wilted spinach, then this traditional Austrian dessert of an eggy fritter with currents, napped in a apricot sauce. Dear lord, we are all gonna waddle outta  here by Wednesday....


Today, we awoke to.....wait for it.....snow. Our hostess Margot was shaking her head in disgust as she was covering her pots of flowers. By lunch, the snow turned to rain. I declined an invitation to hike in the slush, and handed all my warmest clothes to the Wee Lassies.

Breakfast was a buffet of ham, cheese, lox, fruit, muesli, jams, house-made bread and kugelhof, coffee, juice and the local sweet butter.


And so it went for 6 days.  We hated to leave.

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