Friday, May 29, 2015

A New Adventure!

I started this blog in 2009 as a way for friends and family to follow our 6th anniversary Paris honeymoon. I was sooooo excited and had so much to say in those days. Not only was the planning aspect of the trip a big thrill for me, but our twins were 3 and doing cute/funny/appalling stuff all the time. I had a great deal of material.

After a couple of years, the girls weren't being quite so adorbs anymore and the older two were teenagers or close to it. We were "in the trenches" as my husband and I like to call it. The daily routine was, frankly, a slog. Drama everyday. And there is only so much bitching your friends want to read.

But now, a new adventure awaits us! As a birthday gift to ourselves, Miles and I are going to London in November.

I have always wanted to see England. I'm roughly half English and I've studied English history for decades. So when I was asked, would I rather go to a tropical resort or London, the choice was clear.

Our plan is to spend 10 days exploring one of the oldest cities in Europe. The only problem is, how do I whittle down my list of "must see" places into something actually doable?! Ah, what a delicious conundrum...